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Metalic Paint


The Indian Paints has a complete range of leading metallic paint available for major protective & marine and commercial/industrial projects. Our technologically advanced products include those used for major steel structures and ocean-going vessels, and commercial project.

The Indian Paint’s Industrial Metal Coatings consist of a comprehensive range of products for the industrial metal finishing industry. These include durable primers, air drying enamels, fast air drying enamels for structural steel and for agricultural and other implements, baking enamels, heat resistant baking enamels and high durability two pack polyurethane topcoats.

Our primarily focus on cost effective, high performance coatings for metal. We offer a wide selection of industrial paints and custom formulate for a variety of industries. Our Industrial Team knows the value of forming a partnership with its customers. We concentrate on providing technology that meets the customers changing needs while controlling costs through careful monitoring of product and process. Whether you are coating trailers or transformers, We have a coating for you!

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